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Reviews for Ancient Lies

“I highly recommend this book to any Scifi fans. Ancient Lies pulled me in and kept me wanting more. The three timelines are masterfully connected and never confusing. Beautifully written and well edited, E. Nicholson's out of this world characters and descriptions are sure to hook you from the start.”

“This original piece of sci-fi literature is elaborate in the telling, well written, with clarified dialogue and properly edited.”


“A bit of mind blown. The first page clearly shows this is science fiction story, but it's also a contemporary tale.”

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Monstrum Book 1 Out of Time


The year is 2277. Many of Earth's ills, such as poverty and pollution, no longer exist, but a pandemic has devastated the population, and aliens threaten Earth. Through a portal, humanity can select missing persons from their history to bolster their numbers. Harriette Calder is the most recent addition to the 23rd century, and she hears the dead poet John Milton. Is she crazy or special? Also available in paperback for $12.99 CA

Only $4.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Revisions: A Short Story Collection


Life’s little perplexities and frustrations have a way of revising our perceptions and reactions. Do we rise to the challenge or sink to their dark depths?  Six paranormal short stories explore the possibilities. CHANGELESS TIDES Teacher Noreen finds herself in a post apocalyptic world where she befriends an outsider and is forced to confront her ghosts. CELESTIAL SOUNDS change an entire community, but at what cost? THE GIFT  can change lives through dreams. INVITATION TO FORGIVENESS As the lone recipient of midnight music will a young doctor find madness or peace? TEA FOR THREE teacups and dreams confront bitterness and anger. LOST AND FOUND Shane returns to an empty house and a search leading to an age-old prophesy.  

Only $4.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Monstrum Book 2 Time and Time Again


Five years later Harry is routed from her Oceanside home on Earth to resume the reigns of Earth Ambassador to Karlonia. Falsely accused of murdering one of Karlonia’s Oshn priests four years before, she is reluctant to return to the planet, but Welocho insists her reputation has been cleared, and her unique connection to the Karlonian people is needed. After some consideration and propelled by strange dreams and a mysterious voice, she agrees to return. Soon after her arrival an alien race holds Karlonia hostage demanding they turn over the core of the Rebel leadership who has developed a new weapon. Harry and her human and Karlonian counterparts find themselves embroiled in ancient prophesies, underground Rebel plots, and alien threats.  

Only $4.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Ancient Lies

An old man hobbles an escape from the murderous rampage of alien enemies bent on destroying his people. He meets up with his ancestral past in a haunted wood.


A young girl fights against tradition and custom and in an ultimate irony drags her people into a future mapped out by their ancestors.


A middle-aged English Literature professor faces life’s many injustices and proves to be the instrumental cog in a wheel of truth.


Three people; three times; three planets, yet all are intertwined through a universal law of connection and ancient lies.

Only $4.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Journey by Degree
While mainly fiction, Journey by Degree is based on real experience. It centres on five women who vary in age between thirty and seventy.
They all attend Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and meet through the OPTAMUS Society (Organization of Part-Time and Mature Students).
Despite their many differences they forge an enduring friendship, and support one another while dealing with families and attending university full time.

Only $4.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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