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Favourite Authors

Dan Simmons An author that everyone should read, especially Science Fiction writers.
Michael Crichton Captivated me as a young adult with his merging of Science and Fiction.
Steven King Who tells a story better?
Maeve Binchy Wonderful eye to character and can make you uncomfortable in her comfortable stories.
Shakespeare He's the Bard. No more need be said.
Isaac Asimov All Science Fiction writers need to read him.
Don DeLillo Ground-breaking
Zadie Smith Funny, quirky, real


While I am an author and here to offer my own work, I also believe to improve your craft you must keep reading and studying whether that be through classical or contemporary authors. To that end I have collected some of the authors and webpages I find valuable.

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Sites for Writers

Grammarly For all your grammar needs.
Our Favourite Books Literature for all.
Self Pub Book Covers Reasonably priced professional book covers.
Smashwords An alternative to Amazon
Hubpages Publish your smaller, quality works here.
Goodreads An extensive  writer community.
iAuthor Wonderful place to display your larger works.
TV That Enriches the Mind
Documentaries on a wide array of topics
TV Ontario Documentaries and series from around the world
CBC  More documentaries and series


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